The washroom, the loo, the ladies/gents, the bathroom… whatever you call it, if you work a full day at the office, you will use the washroom at some point in your day. And you should care about what it looks like and the state it’s in. Why? The simple answer – hygiene.You Should Care About Your Washroom At Work. Here’s Why. The truth is that frequently touched surfaces, especially in an ablution facility, tend to be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria (these thrive best in moist places). Couple that with unwell colleagues who come to work anyway and use the same facilities as you and you could be exposed to germs and illness. The two biggest health and safety concerns in a washroom? The spread of infection due to poor hygiene standards and accidents as a result of slippery or dirty floors that haven’t been cleaned properly. Did you know? Research shows that the state of the washroom at work says a lot about how much a company values its employees! A clean washroom with useful accessories makes for a more positive workforce. What can I do to ensure a hygienic washroom?

  1. Ensure the washroom at work is cleaned regularly and by a professional cleaning company that will ensure hygiene standards are maintained, bacteria eliminated, and surfaces sterilised.
  2. Follow toilet etiquette – clean up after yourself, flush (with the lid down), and leave the space as you would like to find it.
  3. Always, always wash your hands. This is considered the most effective infection prevention step in washroom hygiene.
  4. Use a hand sanitiser after touching communal surfaces like sinks, taps, and handles.
  5. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you sneeze and avoid coughing over surfaces.

A hygienic workplace equals healthier, happier staff and increased productivity. And it starts with the washroom. Make sure yours is a clean one.


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