It’s that time of the year, companies are reviewing budgets and planning for the year ahead. The question is, are you making the most of your commercial cleaning budget? And, are you fully aware of the benefits associated with using a commercial cleaning company in 2016?image 1 WHY SHOULD YOU USE A COMMERCIAL CLEANING COMPANY IN 2016? Flexibility Not many people want to be tied down to a fixed contract, especially if your company is still growing or regularly changes in size. Hiring commercial cleaners from Superclean will allow you to increase or reduce staff based on your requirements or seasonal demands without having to interview staff or let people go. Our teams are ready and waiting! Save Money The costs of cleaning equipment and cleaning products is astronomical and besides the cost, it is time consuming to keep track of stock of these products too. The cleaning products and equipment are included in our Superclean Commercial Cleaning monthly fees, therefore saving you money and time. No recruitment and HR headaches Dealing with recruitment, training, working hours requires HR skills and time. If you own a smaller company, you may not have an HR department and therefore would have to take time away from someone else’s regular job to perform interviews, look over CV’s etc. Superclean perform a rigorous in house recruitment and training regime to insure that all our staff are prepared to work to the best of their ability. We also take care of payroll, annual leave and any other staff issues for you. Skilled staff As mentioned above, Superclean are responsible for training all staff. Our staff are trained for specific cleaning jobs including work safety and etiquette. Once the staff have been trained they are fully employable and appropriately educated so that you do not have anything to worry about. Focus As a business owner, you already have a lack of hours in the day and don’t need anything that distracts you from your actual business. Let Superclean worry about your cleaning staff and cleaning equipment so you can focus on your business. If your office or company require, labour solutions, cleaning services, garden services, hygiene equipment or specialized cleaning services, contact Superclean today.


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