All offices require a strict cleaning schedule to maintain hygiene, health, and happiness levels. There has been much written about how to ensure a clean and hygienic workplace, from why you should care about using hand sanitiser in the bathroom to why you shouldn’t eat over your computer.

General good housekeeping aside, here are some specific cleaning challenges you might encounter in your workplace and how to deal with them:

  1. wipe-feetWipe your feet here:
    Entrance and pause area mats are designed to collect dirt and dust from your shoes before you enter a building or designated space. But when was the last time your office mats were vacuumed, cleaned, or washed? Dirty mats stop acting effectively and, instead of trapping dirt, they merely transfer it to the shoes of the next person on the mat. This means dirt is tracked across the floor, even if you have wiped your feet. All mats should be cleaned and maintained, and replaced when necessary. Inspect the mats in your workplace carefully and make a call. Tip – don’t forget any loose mats under desks. When was the last time those were cleaned?
  1. Sit here, good boy: Some workplaces allow their employees to bring their dogs to work. Along with the increased morale, lowered stress, and greater productivity that comes with a having a furry friend close at hand, comes more dirt. Inform your employees that, if they bring their dog to work, they need to take full responsibility for it. That means ensuring it is clean, spot accidents are cleaned up immediately, using the correct cleaning products, the dog is fed in a designated area, and it knows how to behave in a working environment.

Dog at work

  1. Food lives in the kitchen: Food crumbs make for difficult cleaning – they are small and they go everywhere, including onto the carpet and into computer keyboards. Greasy food or food messes create dirt and can encourage pests. Remove the temptation to eat at your desk and make it a rule that you only eat food in the kitchen or designated cafeteria area. Keep food and work separate – it’s better for your health and your workplace.
  1. Out of sight, out the door, out of mind: Landings, stairwells, and corridors are an often neglected area of the office space. Because they are not in the main line of sight and are used as thoroughfares more than work areas, they tend to be ignored. This is a mistake. The constant flow of traffic requires that these areas are cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, these areas are often used as a ‘dumping ground’ for boxes and office extras that don’t have a designated storage space. As most of these areas would need to be used in the case of an emergency like a fire, they need to be well lit, well ventilated, and free of mess. This will help to avoid falls and accidents should the area see increased foot traffic. Tidy up any clutter in these areas, ensuring they are clean, well lit, and easy to navigate.

At the end of the day, your workplace needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure it stays safe and hygienic for all those that work in it. Not to mention that a clean, healthy environment goes a long way to raising employee motivation and happiness levels. In addition to regular cleaning, your workplace will probably require a serious deep clean every few months.

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