A clean workplace has many advantages – it can help raise employee morale, impress clients, and ensure a satisfying experience for all who enter the space. It is also a major factor when it comes to safety. The truth is, sparkling surfaces and happy employees aside, a clean workplace can help prevent serious illnesses, injuries, and accidents.clean-workplace-2

Here are three reasons why a clean workplace is a safe workplace:

  1. A clean workplace is a more hygienic workplace. If you use the correct cleaning materials and detergents, or hire a professional cleaning company like Superclean, cleaning becomes about more than getting rid of dirt. It can help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs, especially in areas like the staff kitchen or communal bathroom. In fact, anywhere that people gather, illness can spread (not to mention the hazards of a dirty ventilation or lighting system). Beat the flu season and keep your workplace clean – this has the added bonus of keeping your employees healthy and reducing sick days. And don’t forget to educate your employees and colleagues about good hygienic practices in the workplace – these can go a long way to maintaining cleaning and safety standards in your organisation.
  1. Clean floors are safer than dirty ones. Clean, dry floors make a good impression and are less likely to cause slips and falls. As above, when you use the correct cleaning liquids and materials you can be sure to prevent nasty slips while getting the floor clean and stain free. Make sure to check with a professional cleaner like Superclean when it comes to choosing the right materials for the floor type. Also, be sure that any spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible – these can present a safety and hygiene risk, not to mention being unsightly.
  1. Unattended rubbish and clutter is dangerous. Ever trip over a colleague’s pile of discarded paperwork or overflowing rubbish bin? A regular cleaning will ensure that every day work items are properly stored away and that trash is removed timeously. This can help to declutter your work area, creating a space free of potential hazards. It’s also important to avoid clutter. Clutter causes chaos, hinders productivity, can lead to pests, and can pose a serious safety risk if it obstructs exit doors or firefighting equipment. Remove the rubbish and tidy up the clutter and you’ll help make your workplace a safer place.


How safe is your workplace right now? Ask yourself:

  • Are the doors and passageways clear?
  • Does stacked material impede employee’s movement, vision, or interaction?
  • How often is waste and recycling removed from bins and from the building overall?
  • How often are the floors and windows cleaned and are they clearly marked and sectioned off when cleaning takes place?
  • Are ventilation and lighting systems clear of dust and debris?

To end, here are some key steps you can take to help ensure a cleaner and therefore safer workplace:

  • Sweep or vacuum floors on a regular basis, considering the level of daily foot traffic
  • Report any faults, cracks, or damage to the floor or any fittings as soon as you see them
  • Store and stack paperwork and files in a neat and orderly fashion
  • Remove all debris and clutter from the floor, work stations, and work areas
  • Always clean up spills and messes as soon as they occur
  • Make sure all exits are unobstructed and your workplace never gets cluttered
  • Set a good example for your employees or colleagues by taking steps to keep your workplace clean and safe – others might follow your example!

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