Cleaning your carpets is never an easy task and many people tend to avoid it.

We at SuperSpecialized want to highlight the importance of carpet cleaning, not only for the benefit of your business and its appearances but also for the health of you, your employees and your clients.

Having clean carpets is not just a matter of ensuring that your carpets are clean and fresh smelling, it’s a case of ensuring a hygienic and a healthy environment for you and your staff at all times.

We believe there are a number of imperative reasons to ensure your carpets are properly cleaned.

SUPERSPECIALIZED: HOW TO MAKE YOUR CARPETS LOOK LIKE NEW!#1 To hinder your carpets from harming your health

Having dirty carpets not only gives off a bad impression to your clients, it can be terribly harmful to you and anyone else who spends a significant amount of time at your premises.

Carpets are the perfect place for allergens to collect and bacteria to grow and spread; putting you, your employees and your clients at risk. The combination of dirty carpets and high footfall through your premises means more bacteria is being spread at alarming rates, even in places that may not be carpeted.

#2 Improve the look of your carpets

Walking into a business that evidently has dirty, dusty and stained carpets is an instant eye sore. Not only will this impact the associations and impressions people make of your organisation but it will hinder your company’s identity as well. Vacuuming the carpets at least once a week to remove any debris or dust is always beneficial in more ways than one.

Deep cleaning your carpets with professional carpet cleaners once a month is important so as to ensure your carpets are neatly kept and clean at all times, guaranteeing a positive association between organisation and client. After all your company’s appearance does not start and end with you; your premises and office appearance are also an important feature to take into consideration.

#3 Preventing stains

Everyone knows that the quicker you treat stains, the less likely they are to become permanent.

Cleaning carpets with expertly trained and professional carpet cleaners is the perfect way to treat any marks or stains that may be evident at first glance, getting down into the deeper areas of your carpet that a simple vacuum or scrub would not be able to penetrate.

With all of this in mind, it is always helpful to know a few carpet cleaning tips that may come in handy when you can’t get your hands on an appropriate cleaning agent and so we have identified 5 stain removing tips for you to try in the event of a stain removal emergency:

  • NEVER scrub or rub a spill or stain, this will only spread whatever has been spilt further into the carpet, increasing the size and severity of the stain instantly.
  • Always be sure to remove any excess liquid before beginning your stain removal or carpet cleaning techniques, this helps to decrease the severity of the stain.
  • Vinegar works well as a stain removing agent. Use vinegar alone on the stained area with a warm towel, alternatively mix it in with warm water and place on the stained area thereafter rinsing the carpeted area.
  • Warm water is a great stain removing assistant. Placing warm water onto the stained carpet will open the carpet particle up allowing you to clean better and reach deeper areas of the carpet to ensure maximum stain removal.
  • Salt is another great way to remove stains. Placing salt on the stained area and leaving it to soak allows the salt to penetrate the stained area an absorb some of whatever has stained the carpet making the cleaning process a lot easier.

We at SuperClean consider carpet cleaning one of our specialities. For those areas that are hard to reach or are too large to use a simple stain removal technique on, or to ensure hygienic and healthy offices, we at SuperClean offer once-off deep cleaning services for any carpeted surface. With our well-trained staff and professional carpet cleaners and carpet cleaning equipment, we guarantee clean and healthy carpets for you, your employees and clients to enjoy.

For more information on our carpet cleaning services contact SuperSpecialized today on (031) 303 4141


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