SuperPlant project - orange office potsWe spend a lot of time in our offices and for some of us that means we are stuck between four white walls, a computer screen and a pile of paperwork! This can be fairly depressing and not conducive to a hard working, productive environment. It is therefore important to try and make the space you spend so much time in, a good atmosphere to work in and one that is interesting and inspiring too. pic-07-233x300

Superclean can help make your work environment more interesting and healthy! Our SuperPlant division specializes in providing office plants, indoor plants and pots to businesses that require a little help with their décor. Shirley de Haan has over 33 years experience in the interior plant industry and is ready to help you with your space. Whether you are into a more funky and fun aesthetic or require formal and uniform pots, SuperPlant will be able to assist you.

Indoor plants are notoriously difficult to manage because of the lack of

pic-06-300x200sunlight and natural inflow of water they receive. Our SuperPlant division offers expert advice and will be able to guide you in choosing the correct plants for your space so that they will flourish and remain low maintenance. Besides the visual appeal these plants and pots will add to your office space – having plants added to your office, offers many health benefits too! According to NASA, indoor plants eliminate a variety of toxins from the atmosphere, these include; Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene and Benzine! Plants also provide our lungs with CO2 and with so many breathing bodies in one space, carbon dioxide levels are always high! We need indoor plants to absorb this through a process called photosynthesis. This will refresh the air and help combat drowsiness/headaches experienced by workers.

If you would like to change your office space then view our range of office plants and office pots now, or contact Superclean for more information!


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