A beautiful and well-maintained garden is a great feature to have when it comes to your office block or premises. Not only does it enhance the beauty and appearance of your premises but it also provides your employees and clients with a pleasant, tranquil experience, adding value to your business in a unique way.

SuperLandscapes can assist you with all of your office landscaping needs, we pride ourselves in creating the perfect office gardens that work best for your premises, helping you maintain them all year round.

Because of our passion for garden and landscaping design and our aim to continuously meet our clients’ needs and desires, we have identified a number of trendy and unique ideas to utilise in your office gardens.SUPERLANDSCAPES: OFFICE GARDEN IDEAS

#1 Introducing water features into your garden

Not only are water features a beautiful characteristic to add to your office gardens, creating a tranquil environment, they are a main attraction for birds and wildlife and will most certainly provide a serene and pleasant experience for you, your employees and your clients to enjoy on a daily basis.

Apart from this, adding to your garden in a unique way; water features, due to their reflective nature, have the tendency to make space look bigger giving your garden that little something extra.

#2 Benches add beauty

Although providing a suitable place to sit, benches create a magnificent focal point for your office gardens by breaking up the landscape design and enhancing the space beautifully.

Although not a fashion accessory, benches highlight your unique style and can be a great way of representing your business in an exclusive way. Benches, along with any garden furniture or design, act as a representation of who you are as a business or a person, providing you with a great opportunity to really enhance your company’s image as a whole.

Along with this unique ability, benches provide your garden with areas for you, your employees and your clients to meet, outside of the office environment.

#3 Plump up your pottery

Potting is a great way to save money and means you can decorate your garden charmingly on a great budget.

Office Gardens aren’t always situated on masses of land and so space can become an issue, by potting your plants not only are you able to utilise the space effectively but it allows you to use almost anything as a pot; whether it be an old steel bucket or a plastic pot, adding a few drainage holes and plants will enable you to create a beautiful garden space for everyone to enjoy.

“The love of gardening is a seed once sewn that never dies.” – Gertrude Jekyll

With a passion for office landscaping and gardening, SuperLandscapes offer a wide variety of landscaping options to best suit your needs. For more information on our office gardens or office landscaping options, feel free to contact us on 031 303 4141.



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