Some glowing feedback from Hillcrest residents on our Landscaping projects!

Our work speaks for itself, but its always good to get positive feedback – which we love to share with you! I live in Hillcrest and was driving past Longmynde and spotted your SuperClean signage outside that beautiful verge you guys have just redone. WOW- Its a Real Statement verge.. Very nicely put together… with the subtle rock, and diversity of plant material….. WOW Superlandscapes-2 Superlandscapes-3 As soon as I drove past, I couldnt  help notice it! Definitely caught my eye and I do hope the rest of the Upper Highway too.. It is about time some quality landscaping happened in Hillcrest. (UpperHighway) im soo tired of the same old same old – Hillcrest back in the day was known for its standards and beauty and TREES, Heavenly TREES – nowadays I see trees being cut down at a fast rate,  instant grass being installed (which is a green desert literally – no diversity there!) More buildings and hard structures being built. So its a pleasant surprise to see such classy landscaping for a change… The diversity of plants that was planted at Longmynde is terrific – we need more greenery in the Upper highway area to soften all the ugly buildings/structures that are going up left right and centre. In all, a Fabulous Garden outside of Longmynde has been created and I just wanted to compliment you guys on the Job! Many thanks Lulu   Superlandscapes-4  


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