Superlandscapes is proud to announce that it has been succesfully become a member of SALI – The South African Landscapers Institute

The South African Landscapers Institute (SALI) was formed in 1984 by a group of progressive landscapers who saw the potential of the landscape industry in South Africa. They believed that the true potential could only be realised if landscape contractors showed unity, produced excellent work and projected a professional image. The client of a SALI Member is expected to gain high standards of workmanship, plants and materials. He also has the security of knowing that at the back of the SALI contractor is a responsible Institute. Because of the unselfish aims and objectives and the lack of self interest of hard working committee members, SALI has established itself as the only representative body in the landscape industry. It is impossible to give SALI more than you can get out of it, and benefits are directly correlated to involvement. A customer can be sure to get better landscaping from a SALI member. To find out more about SALI please follow this link: By becoming a SALI member, Superlandscapes is even better equipped at ensuring that our clients get the very best service they possibly can!


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