MOPPING-UP-FLOODING-SUPERCLEANShortly after midnight on Sunday morning, we discovered that our home was flooded with water. I have never experienced anything like this before, and after the initial shock of waking up to stand in water, I contacted our security company and then SACan.

I went through the phone book, trying to think of what companies would possibly deal with a flooded house, and after hours, and on a public holiday.

Fortunately, SACan got to work and found Vincent. What a gem! SACan phoned to tell me that Vincent had answered the call promptly and was on his way. Vincent phoned me confirming this, and it was not long before he was at the gate. He arrived alone, with a grin from ear to ear, and a pile of pipes and machines and got stuck in.

Nothing was a problem for Vincent, he was willing to assist dragging carpets into the house, mopping the floor , asking for nothing and still going strong until nearly 5 am.

He left the blower for me to use, and said he would return on Monday morning, which he did promptly ( and with the same broad smile).

I am very grateful that he answered his phone, that he was prompt and very willing to help. Nothing seemed to be a problem! I will most certainly promote your company , and thank you for Vincent!

Trish Guilhermino


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