Super Clean, Super Labour…and now

Super Training Provider – SETA Accredited!

At Super Clean we are committed to providing a professional and efficient service to all our clients and we are continuously exploring ways to ensure our brand embodies excellence in every avenue of the business. The success of our business stems from our employees and for this reason Super Clean has always invested its resources into building its employees through training and development. Superclean-SETA-accreditation Over the years we have developed and implemented a high impact in-house training programme which all our cleaning staff are trained on and further to this, many of our cleaning staff are also offered the opportunity of completing a SETA accredited learnership programme on Hygiene & Cleaning NQF 1. Hundreds of our staff have completed the Hygiene & Cleaning NQF 1 learnership through the use of external training providers and although the outcome of this training was good we did find a few loop holes. External training providers train on generic unit standards which are applicable to all cleaners within the cleaning industry, and although cleaners completed the training and learnt the generics of cleaning, they were not thought about processes, chemicals & equipment and an overall culture that is specific to Super Clean. It was therefore decided that in order to ensure the learnership training was designed in a way that could have the highest possible impact for our cleaning staff and subsequently impact on service delivery, the best solution would be for Super Clean to gain  SETA accreditation as a training provider and implement the training in-house. Our vision to gain accreditation for the Hygiene & Cleaning NQF 1 qualification has now been realised after approximately a year since we first applied to the Services SETA and been through the accreditation process. Super Clean is now officially an accredited SETA Training Provider – accreditation number 6514.


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