With winter coming to an end and spring around the corner, spring cleaning is a hot topic on everyone’s’ mind and what better way to embrace the change of season than with a deep clean of your office. By this we mean both organising your office and the documents flooding your filing cabinets as well as grabbing the mop and bucket and cleaning those dusty, dirty and grime filled places.

It is important to remember that having a neat and clean office environment is vital for the health of you, your employees as well as your clients and encourages productivity amongst the workplace by essentially “re-energising’ the office and encouraging staff to interact with one another and work towards an identified goal together…a clutter-free, neat and tidy office for everyone to enjoy.


  1. Start at your desk

The best way to begin an office spring clean is to encourage each employee to start at his or her own desk.

By organising and filing relevant papers and documents; removing unwanted clutter; arranging stationary and drawers in a neat and tidy manner, employees can make that much more of a difference to the appearance of the office environment just by having a clean desk.

Apart from clearing the clutter and organising the bits and pieces, taking a cloth, cleaning agent and a surface polish to your desk is a great way to ensure an immaculate and well-maintained appearance aside from preserving the life of your office furniture.

  1. Conduct a drawer and cabinet inventory

Drawers and cabinets can become a great place to store unwanted junk.

By conducting a drawer and cabinet inventory you are able to do away with any unnecessary items or papers that are not of any use or importance. A great tip when conducting a drawer or cabinet inventory is keeping “stock” of each one so that you are aware of what is filed where in the office as to avoid unnecessary items finding their way in. This can be done by colour coding things, alphabetising the files in each drawer or cabinet or categorising each drawer or cabinet to one relevant topic each.

  1. Organise your computer

Along with desk and cupboard clutter, digital clutter can put a damper on the working environment.

Encouraging your employees to sift through their computers, organising folders, getting rid of unwanted documents or downloads and re-arranging their digital lives is a great way to encourage more productivity in the workplace as it allows employees to feel as though they have “lightened their load” by bringing some order to things.

Along with a digital clean, your computer is one place in the office that collects a lot of dust and bacteria that you are unaware of. Your keyboard is a great place for dust and bacteria to collect and flourish, so be sure to give your computers a dust and clean with the appropriate tools necessary to avoid causing any damage to the machinery… (This goes for fax machines, photo copiers and any other appliances you may have in the office as well.)

Apart from these simple and in-house spring cleaning tips, the change in season also brings about opportunity to really make your business shine by conducting a full in-house and exterior clean. By this we mean windows, walls, floors, roofs, hard to reach places, ablutions and all. This is where we come in. SuperSpecialized is a division of SuperClean that handles those hard to reach places that require specialized cleaning and maintenance services.

We at SuperClean endeavour to provide our clients with a variety of services including the following which will assist you with your seasonal spring clean…after all it is what we do best.

– Pre-occupation cleans

– Building exterior cleaning

– High level cleaning of girders, pipes and factory fittings

– Deep cleaning of ablutions

– Window cleaning

– High pressure cleaning

– Spring cleaning of offices, houses and factories

– Carpet cleaning

– Upholstery cleaning

For more information on our service offering and how we at SuperClean can help you get the most out of an office spring clean, contact us today.


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