Congratulations to our Riders at the Nissan Easter Festival!

We are excited to announce the further success and effort of it’s team of sponsored riders, at the Nissan Easter Festival at Kylami Park.

Congratulations to Chookie Ferreira on Super Clean’s Phoenix, he came 7th, 2nd and won the 1.10 championships. CHOOKIE-SUPERCLEAN-RIDERS Cathy Walters won 3 classes on Super Clean’s Alcazar and won the Victor Luidorum. Cathy also did very well on Amber Gold, where she came 6th, 4th, and 2nd in the championship. CATHY-SUPERCLEAN-RIDERS-2 Brittany du Toit in the 1m on her new horse, Super Clean’s, Capital Lizette, where she came 2nd and 7th. BRITTENY-SUPERCLEAN-RIDERS


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