Recognising excellence in the contract cleaning industry, Rewardsco was voted the cleanest Commercial site in a micro contract category. 

Super Clean would like to thank Andrew Grewar, the area manager who looks after this site, for doing such a great job and bringing this award back home. REWARDSCO_LOGO The competition, which is endorsed by the National Contract Cleaners Association and the Black Economic Empowerment Cleaning Association, offers contract cleaning companies the opportunity to promote the excellent work carried out by their cleaning teams, giving them the recognition they deserve. GSA-AWARDS-SUPERCLEAN-04 GSA-AWARDS-SUPERCLEAN-03 Super Clean have been cleaning Rewardsco, in Riverhorse Valley, since June 2008 and are proud to be associated them. GSA-AWARDS-SUPERCLEAN-02 GSA-AWARDS-SUPERCLEAN-01


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