How to get your offices ready for the New Year

We are all very enthusiastic about our annual leave and look forward to leaving the office to start our much needed break over the festive season. Superclean have put together a few things to bear-in-mind before leaving the office, as well as a few pointers for when you get back in the New Year. These tips are here to help your business prepare for the holidays and insure good hygiene and minimal environmental impact for 2016…


What to do before you go on leave?

There are a couple things to take care of before leaving the office or before the office shuts down for the holidays.

Here’s our suggested checklist;

  • Ensure all windows are securely closed to avoid unwanted ‘visitors’ from entering the building or from rain causing damp damage.
  • Switch off all unnecessary electronics such as computers, screens, printers where possible.
  • Switch off all lights, fans, geysers and aircons, to avoid a hefty electricity bill when you return.
  • Sufficiently water all the office plants before you leave and take home delicate flowers where possible.
  • Clear out the fridge of all degradable products especially any milk, meat or fruit that will expire. Also try to make sure all dry ingredients that are stored in the kitchen are sealed tightly to avoid any pest infestations over the holidays.
  • Let your security company know that no one will be in the office and that they need to test the alarm and do regular checks to ensure that everything remains safe whilst you are away.

What to do in the New Year?

  1. Get your business online profiles organised

Now, we don’t only mean the core business social profiles i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, we mean getting everybody in the office on-board too. If employees have LinkedIn accounts that mention your company name, these need to be checked and perhaps employees should be given a template set by the company to create uniformity and a professional feel. Create a company description and cover photo for all employees to use.

  1. It’s time your office went green

It is our responsibility to be green and act in an environmentally friendly manner in order to help sustain our planet.

Recycling and becoming paperless are great steps but there are some other small things you can do in the office to be more green.

  • Invest in recycling bins for all office and kitchen areas. Separating waste closer to the source can save your business money spent on large waste removal and will also assist your business in becoming environmentally risk compliant.
  • Get employees to turn off all computers, monitors, lights, fans and aircons when leaving at the end of the day.
  • Invest in environmentally friendly cleaning products and good sanitation devices throughout your building.
  • Grow plants.
  • Lastly, try to only use the aircon when absolutely necessary. Besides the devastating effect the carbon releases have on our atmosphere, they also increase electrical bills and cost a lot to maintain.
  1. Deep cleaning (windows, carpets, upholstery)

Deep cleaning is often something that we push aside. And the holiday season is the perfect time to take care of it whilst staff are on leave. We believe that keeping the carpets and upholstery in your office clean adds to the health and well-being of your staff as well as the overall appearance of the business.

Carpet and upholstery cleaning can be arranged as a once-off deep clean to get rid of built up dust, dirt, odours and the inevitable stains but can also be done on a regular basis, which will preserve and extend the life of your carpet and/ upholstery. Do not under estimate the multitude of micro-organisms that are invisible to the naked eye, these can be dangerous for those suffering with allergies and or asthma. Our staff are professionally trained and use only the latest equipment to perform low moisture upholstery cleaning services.

Get those windows sparkling too! Superclean’s highly specialized window cleaners and qualified abseiling staff are able to clean your windows, no matter how high, or how large.

  1. Get your garden looking as professional as your office

It is very easy to neglect the office plants and garden over the holidays or when we are busy at work. Hiring a team of professional landscapers to tend to your gardens means you will no longer need to think about it.  Nor will you need to buy extra equipment, pesticides or petrol for lawnmowers. The SuperLandscapes Team can take care of all of it for you. Hiring our team will mean that your garden will add curb side appeal to your business and could even increase traffic through your office doors.

Contact Superclean for cleaning, gardening, office plants or specialized cleaning services.

We work throughout the festive season!

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