How to choose a cleaning company…

Choosing a contract cleaning company can be a difficult task, you want to be able to trust the people coming into your property or business with your belongings and or possessions and know that you are getting your money’s worth in the service they are providing you with. Carefully consider the following before making this decision…

What questions do you need to ask before choosing a cleaning company?

  1. Do their charges include provisions for the cleaner i.e. provident fun, bonuses, UIF etc?
  2. Are their services guaranteed in writing? A written contract will help avoid any future problems.
  3. Do they offer written estimates? Most cleaning companies will provide you with job estimate or quote. Ensuring that you receive a quote can help you to avoid any unforeseen costs in the future.
  4. Does the cleaning service screen the individuals they hire? Back ground checks can help to give you peace of mind about leaving someone unsupervised in your home.
  5. Make sure the cleaning service you choose can offer you a certificate of liability insurance. Do not accept a copy of their insurance policy.
  6. Find out what cleaning products are used by the company – your home may require special cleaning products for wood, stone or specialised surfaces.
  7. Ask for a cleaning checklist so that you know what is expected from the service each time they enter or leave your home.
  8. Make sure you know their payment policy (I.e. by hour or by day) and ensure that you know if they will be providing the cleaning supplies or not.

What to look for in a cleaning company?

  1. Avoid any companies that are not insured.Should any accidents or theft happen while the service is there, an insured service will take full responsibility.
  2. Avoid letting the “cheapest price” be your deciding factor when choosing a cleaning company. Be wary of a deal that’s too good to be true – chances are that they are taking a shortcut or have a bad reputation.
  3. When choosing a contract cleaning service, hire a company and not an individual. Individuals may seem cheaper, but if you are the only one paying, you are considered the employer and are therefore held responsible for unpaid taxes, criminal charges and injuries incurred while cleaning.

Why choose Superclean?

Since our inception in 1988, we have grown to 3 800 employees servicing many of SAIS most well-known companies and organizations. Our commitment to providing the best service available can be seen through our award of ISO 9001: 2008 certification. No matter how big your company is, our contract cleaning division offers a comprehensive cleaning service for your business or corporation. Superclean Contract Cleaning offers the full range of expert cleaning services. Our passion drives our success and has meant that we have become South Africa’s most successful privately-owned cleaning company. Our goal is to make every one of our customers happy and proud to call Superclean their cleaning service. Our services include specialized cleaninghygiene and health equipment, indoor office plants, landscape services and labour outsourcing.

Our day-to-day maintenance and cleaning services include; offices, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, retail, commercial and industrial premises, factories, schools, hotels and public buildings.

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