For a couple of years now, the “going green” term has been thrown around and used by business professionals, school children and mothers, but how many of us can honestly say that we have taken the term seriously and practice being “green” in our every day lives? In first world countries, this phrase is taken a lot more seriously and these countries have made a conscious effort to make it easier for people to contribute to what is essentially saving our planet. Providing their public with recycle bins is one of the main differences, some South Africans have yet to see one of these multi-coloured bin boxes! The truth is that the world needs to pay more attention to the earth that we live in and everybody needs to take “being as green as possible” seriously, before it’s too late.

Last year the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said that in order to feed a population of roughly 9 billion by 2050 (currently ±7 billion people living on earth), the world will need to increase its food production by an average of 60%! The unpredictable weather patterns associated with global warming may however make this an almost impossible task! Crops will fail to grow at the rate they need to if we are experiencing more droughts and floods. This will in turn cause food prices to spike and possible food riots or wars to start. Shortages of water and less productive land will further hinder the world’s future food production!

So, with “being green” being a more pressing issue than ever, Superclean have put together a small list of ways you can help the earth by living in a more sustainable manner;

  1. Use glass travel cups for your coffee (avoid restaurant plastic/paper take away cups)
  2. Print on both sides of the page (set you printer to this setting)
  3. Use reusable shopping bags – not the plastic ones!
  4. Switch all lights and plug points not being used, off!
  5. Put your pool filter, geyser and outdoor lights on a timer.
  6. Turn off the water whilst brushing your teeth or shaving.
  7. Use public transport as much as possible (if you can afford an electric car then now is the time to buy one!)
  8. Drive slower! (This will save you money on petrol and save the earth too)
  9. Plant trees around the house (this will give you shade and provide the earth with much needed CO2)
  10. Don’t use air conditioners unless the heat is unbearable
  11. Practice “ meat-free Mondays”
  12. Only run a full dishwasher (Don’t rinse before – today’s machines are designed to do that for you). Better still, do washing the old fashioned way!
  13. Recycle your household plastic/paper, glass, tin and chuck the leftovers on the compost heap.
  14. Switch to a front loader (they use less than half the water when compared with top loaders).
  15. Wash clothes with cold water (your clothes will last longer and this will save the earth and cost you less too)

Most of the items on our list are very easy to incorporate or change in our current lifestyles, so we hope this has helped motivate you to be more “green” and to live more sustainably for the benefit of our future earth!


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