Regular cleaning is essential to a healthy, safe, and ultimately happy environment. Many people clean their own homes or offices using a range of products but are becoming more aware of the need to ‘green’ their cleaning routine for health and safety reasons. For, while it is essential to keep things clean to avoid germs and eliminate dirt, some cleaning products can actually make things worse or have health implications for you and your family.

Modern Green Office Interior

A green cleaning routine involves using earth-friendly (or eco-friendly) products and practices to ensure that the environment being cleaned is not only sterilised but safe for its inhabitants and for the planet we call home.

Below, some green tips to help you put in place a cleaning routine that keeps your place clean without being hazardous to your health:

  1. Buy green products: Many conventional cleaning products are petroleum-based and carry some health concerns. Eco-friendly products can keep your home clean and fresh-smelling without the chemical implications.
  2. Draw from your own stores: Many household items can be used to clean your home or deal with home ‘emergencies’. For example, baking soda will help remove unpleasant smells from your fridge or freshen your carpet, salt can help soak up red wine stains if applied immediately after a spill, white vinegar can be used to clean your kettle or dishwasher, and small bowls of vinegar can be used to absorb paint odours. And these are just a few household items that can help make your cleaning routine easier and kinder on the environment.
  3. Use cloth rather than paper: Cleaning your windows with disposable paper towels or newspaper isn’t as effective as you think it is. In addition, it can be costly on your budget and all the disposable paper is bad for the environment. Rather use cleaning clothes that can be washed and reused, or old T-shirts that you’ve turned into cleaning cloths.
  4. Keep the fresh air flowing: Insulated buildings tend to hold in toxic air. Open your windows often and allow fresh air to flow in, removing stagnant air and filling the room with much-needed oxygen and freshness. This is especially important to do when cleaning and using any cleaning products.
  5. Clean up and clear out: Take time to clean the drains and vents throughout your home with hot water and natural detergents. This will help to improve the performance of your appliances and save energy, electricity, and water over time.
  6. Clean the air you breathe the natural way: Want to improve the quality of your indoor air but can’t open a window or know that the outside environment is no better than the indoor one? Boil herbs such as cloves or cinnamon to cleanse the air or consider using plants as living air filters. They will freshen your indoor space and remove dangerous pollutants from the air. Need help? Superclean’s SuperPlant division is ready to assist you with any indoor plant requirements.
  7. Recycle to avoid waste: Reducing waste in your home is an important part of living a green lifestyle. Look for products made from recycled materials, buy re-useable rather than once-off cleaning items, avoid paper, and make an effort to give used items e.g. glass bottles or plastic tubs, a secondary purpose. When you do get rid of a container or product, make sure to recycle it following the proper recycling processes.
  8. Get some help: If you don’t have the time or capacity to clean your business premises yourself, consider hiring a professional company like Superclean that will take the time to discuss your cleaning needs and product preferences, and put together a suitablecleaning solution.

Recycling In The Office

There are a number of different ways in which to green your cleaning routine, making it more pleasant and safer for you and the ones you love.


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