A beautiful garden can have many benefits for employees who work in an enclosed office space. Whether it’s an outside garden that gives employees a peaceful view from their desk or a vertical garden in the centre of your open plan office, landscaping a space into a garden can transform your workplace.


Think about this – research shows that landscaped gardens go beyond simple office decoration and aesthetics. They have mental, physical health, and productivity benefits. Thinking about landscaping your office surrounds or revitalising a neglected office garden? The following are reasons why you should:

  1. Outdoor vibes: The gardens around office buildings or industrial parks are often neglected or non-existent. How much better would your office space look and your employees feel if they were able to come and go through a well-maintained, lush landscape?

Landscaped grounds also make a great first impression for visitors and clients. They can set the tone for your office interior and reflect your attitude to the outside world, those visitors included.

  1. Indoor health: When it comes to your workplace, your landscape project doesn’t have to be overwhelming or overly expensive. It doesn’t even need to be outdoors. Attractively arranged indoor plants improve the surrounding air quality, lower the air temperature, and reduce ambient noise. They can also be used to divide sections or create pause areas in open plan spaces. If they are scented, they will also reduce stress levels and improve concentration!


  1. There are views and views: No one wants to spend their days looking out of their office window at a blank parking lot or, perhaps even worse, a square of dirt or a dusty patch of ground. Creating a landscaped space will mean your employees can enjoy views of a beautiful garden – use flowering trees and plants and there will always be something new to notice. A great view can calm and centre the viewer, as well as raise the positive energy in a room.
  1. A positivity boost: Greenery and gardens have proven to make people feel calmer, happier, and more grounded. An outside garden can work wonders for the wellbeing of office employees – giving them a chance to escape the confines of their desk and breathe in the natural world. Employees who are able to have lunch or take breaks outdoors in pleasant surroundings, report feeling happier at work, more willing to go into the office (meaning fewer absentee days), and more creative. The result? Higher productivity! In today’s modern world, work satisfaction is about so much more than money – a pleasant environment can make all the difference

If an outside space isn’t possible, there are ways to bring the outdoors indoors and it doesn’t have to include potted office plants. The world of gardening ideas and innovation is vast – vertical gardens, for example, are to be found both outside and inside, in meeting areas, bathrooms, and kitchens. A vertical garden is the perfect way to maximise a small space while being low maintenance. Low maintenance, big impact.

  1. Adding value: Taking the time to develop a landscaped space shows your employees that you care about the environment they work in every day. If you are creating a newly landscaped space, why not include your employees in the decision-making process and use this project as a team building opportunity. Giving individuals choices about their space shows that you do truly value their time and input.

Considering the many advantages for employees, investing in a landscaped area within the bounds of your workplace is definitely worthwhile, sure to pay off in terms of employee happiness and productivity.

Know that you need this ‘green’ element in your workplace but don’t know where to start? Hire a professional landscaper to get the job done and to maintain it over time.


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