It’s always great to receive such glowing feedback from our clients – well done to our Specials team for doing such a great job! Keep up the excellent work!

It was so good  this morning arriving here at Clairwood, to find it in the same state it was at the start of the Rising Sun Race Day, on Saturday, clean and tidy. The team you had here on the day, were real professionals, the way they were attired, in your company uniforms, and the way they  conducted  themselves during the day. The only problem that arose, was the feeding of the elderly, I assumed they would be eating in the same area where the food was been served, but unfortunately, they all moved to and sat on the grandstand next to the entertainment stage, at which we had not placed enough cleaners and bins, besides that, all went well. The clean up on Sunday, left the place spic and span, this morning, you would have had no idea that 12000  people had spent the day here at Clairwood on Saturday, as the venue was immaculate.


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