Get your garden ready for Autumn! 


Autumn is around the corner, our thoughts now turn to our winter and Spring gardens. Us Durbanites are not usually big fans of the cold, but the cooler temperatures certainly make it easier to garden! So, now that we’ve established that you will be spending more time in the garden we need to determine what it is that you should be planting and or doing to prepare your garden for the chilly months to come. So how do we prep our gardens for winter to allow them to grow and look pretty all year round? Well, in South Africa we have the added advantage of having the sun being out most of the time, even leading up to Winter, this time (around March/April) should be used to spread your compost, plant seedlings or new trees (hopefully indigenous ones) and wait for these plants to grow in our ideal conditions. The combination of sun, cooler temperatures, healthy compost/mulch and a little water is the perfect recipe for the perfect garden! What to plant? What you plant really does depend on your taste and the feel of your garden, but here are a few things to consider before you plant your seedlings or trees this autumn; * It might still be too hot to plant spring flowering bulbs. You can store these seeds in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator and plant when the weather cools down further. * If you are into your vegetable gardening, now is the time to get your fingers green! Plant; peas, beans, carrots, turnips, spinach, lettuce, broccoli and rocket in your vegetable garden. All these vegetables are ideal for a yummy winter soup to warm you up this winter. * Keep your ground well mulched during the winter months (especially in summer rainfall areas). You don’t want your plants or trees to become dehydrated during the drier months to come. * Your deciduous trees will start losing their leaves now, try to gather as much of these together and make a pile (use this rotten nutritious leaf mixture to feed your other plants). How can Superclean help with your gardening? Our garden and landscaping services include planning, design, planting, fertilising and irrigation. What’s more, if you don’t have the time to do the “shopping” – we supply lawns, flowers, shrubs and trees. If your garden needs some one off attention/rejuvenation, we do that too! Let us do your weeding, lawn mowing and trimming so that you can just sit back and enjoy your garden. If it’s a weekly or fortnightly onsite garden service/maintenance contract you’re after, we’ll even take care of your refuse collection and removal! Our once-off garden services include;

  • Shrubbery pruning and shaping
  • Lawn spraying, cutting and edging
  • Flowerbed weeding and aeration
  • Fertilization of flowerbeds and pots
  • Tree felling and removal
  • Refuse removal
  • Weed control

We also offer landscaping services, turf and lawn management (includes pest control – moles excluded), and irrigation services. pruning                   If you require garden services for your office or home garden, please contact us today.


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