We’re lucky to have such amazing staff! Well done to Prudence – who works for us at the Hilton – you make us proud. See what the Hilton’s customer had to say about her below!

“Dear Prudence I want to thank you for finding my cell phone charger and handing it in to the housekeeping office.

I mistakenly left it in the hotel room …. and I was sure I would not be able to recover it. I phoned the hotel and they advised that it had been handed in by one of their staff. A colleague, who was staying at the hotel collected it for me the next day and gave it back to me at work. I want to commend you on this as it would have been very easy to do otherwise. It means so much to me to know there are such valuable people who work for Hilton – where their honesty and integrity are clear for all to see. I will most certainly continue using the Hilton… and it is people like you who really make a difference. My daughter is about a year younger than you and she works in anti-human trafficking. It is young ladies like you and her that assure me that the young generation will be able to make a difference in South Africa. Keep up the good work, have your dreams and reach for them. Never give up. Be the best that God created you to be. As a token of my appreciation I have deposited a small sum of money in your account. Kind regards Kevin”


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