When it comes to running a clean and productive office, you know it’s important to have an office cleaning schedule and you probably have dedicated cleaning staff with a long, weekly to-do list. However, everyday cleaning can’t deal with every kind of dirt or mess – for example, ingrained dirt as a result of activities such as intense foot traffic or dusty curtains. It also isn’t able to easily eliminate hardy viruses and bacteria.

Clean Office Desk And Chair

To make sure your workplace is a truly clean, healthy environment, you need to schedule a regular deep clean, preferably by a professional cleaning company. This kind of clean will complement your regular cleaning schedule, making sure your office is as clean as can be.

And we’re not just talking about bathrooms. A deep clean is also for those hard-to-reach spaces that gather dirt, dust, and grime – think overhead light fittings, top shelves in the kitchen, elevator buttons, rugs under furniture… When was the last time you moved the office furniture or any large fittings? Or took down the blinds or curtains? Or wiped the door knobs? And elevator buttons? All these areas are touched by a large number of people every day and yet are not cleaned on a regular basis.

Why do a deep clean? A deep clean can ensure your office is a healthier space and a healthy work environment has been proven to reduce employee sick days and increase employee productivity and happiness levels.

How often should you do a deep clean? Just like a thorough ‘spring cleaning’, a deep clean is usually done on an annual basis and specifically targets those areas that are difficult to reach without causing some disruption to an office’s daily flow. While annual cleanings are recommended, a deep clean can be done more regularly if you feel your office needs it, bi-annually or once a quarter, for example.

If it’s more than once a year, how will you know it’s time? Take a good, long look at your office space, preferably without people in it. Does it seem grubby? Is there visible dirt or areas you don’t want visitors to see because they are too messy? Or does it look shabby overall? What would the floor look like if you moved the desks around? Would your communal areas benefit from a serious cleaning shake-up?

Superclean Office Deep CleanWhat does a deep clean entail? Every office requires a slightly different approach, depending on the furniture and fittings but a standard deep clean by a professional operation should include:

  • Moving all the furniture and cleaning all floors and carpets thoroughly, both sweeping or vacuuming and shampooing them, as required.
  • Cleaning and polishing all furniture, including desks, book shelves, and chairs.
  • Dusting and wiping down computers, telephones, head sets, air vents, and all electronic devices and equipment.
  • Sterilising and/or cleaning small, often overlooked items such as light switches, door handles, light fittings, cubby shelving etc.
  • Scrubbing and sanitising all bathroom surfaces, including fittings, stall doors, accessories, and mirrors.
  • Emptying all kitchen storage cupboards (including the fridge) and cleaning them, shelf by shelf, including doors.
  • Dusting, cleaning, and if necessary washing, all curtains, blinds, and drapes, including curtain tracks and rails, and window ledges.
  • Washing windows inside and out.

A deep clean can change your office environment for the better – improving air quality, environmental health and safety, and making your employees feel better. So, before you rush off and buy new furniture or get an interior decorator involved to ‘freshen up’ your work space, consider a professional deep clean – you are sure to be surprised by the positive results.

Need help with your deep clean? Call us – as experts, we offer an all-in-one cleaning solution for your business.



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