No matter how big or high

Are you looking for a window cleaner in Durban?

Superclean have been around since 1988 and therefore you can have peace of mind knowing that we are highly experienced and we are able to provide you with a professional window cleaning service for all sectors of the market which include residential, commercial and retail properties.

Our highly specialized and trained team of window cleaners are able to clean your windows, no matter how high, or how large your windows are! We will ensure that they are left streak free and spotless. Using the latest technology, cleaning chemicals and techniques to clean your windows to your satisfaction.



Hiring Superclean to clean your windows will mean that we will take care of all the necessary cleaning products.

Our window cleaning team is specifically trained with equipment to clean all windows – interior, exterior and high level windows.

Our team is also fully equipped to clean inaccessible windows via rope access and adhere to health and safety regulations, using safety anchors and harnesses

Where needed, we install and test anchor points as per building specifications.

We keep up to date using the newest technology equipment i.e. extension ladders, telescopic poles and under poles.

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Why are we the most successful privately-owned cleaning company in South Africa?

We’re passionate about what we do, providing you with quality window cleaning services to ensure that you the client are always kept happy and satisfied with our services.

Superclean have been cleaning windows for offices, hospitals, clinics, retail spaces, industrial property, private homes and hotels for years. Contact our offices to arrange for your window cleaning, we offer weekly, monthly, fortnightly or once off window cleaning to meet your unique requirements and budget.

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