Let us clean up the mess

Have floods or leaks left a mess in your home or office? 

Flooding and storm damage, leaking appliances, faulty plumbing, sewage backups or flooding from firefighting efforts can easily destroy your carpets and upholstery if not attended to immediately.

Superclean offer a once off flood damage cleaning service to help you and your home recover from the water damage caused. Water damage insurance claims can be avoided if the problem is seen to quickly enough. Water damage is progressive and prompt water extraction and dehumidification to carpets will reduce the level of damages to your home or office and help avoid higher premiums in the future.



Water Damage Recovery

The longer the wet conditions exist, the more water is absorbed and this in turn results in more damage. Our recovery team ensures that work is done quickly so that your life can be restored back to normal as soon as possible. We dry the surface and eliminate chances of mould and mildew growth whilst doing our best to salvage your furniture and belongings.

Why use Superclean for your flood damage or roof leak damages?

The Superclean Superspecialized division is equipped to handle any level of flood water damage, from a simple burst geyser to a storm water flood.

Our water damage services include;

Inspection and damage assessment

Moisture testing to determine the extent of moisture content

Water removal and extraction

Drying and dehumidification

Cleaning and sanitizing

Application of anti-microbial solution to prevent mold and/ mildew growth and kill waterborne bacteria and viruses
(in sewage and external water)

Water damage can have many sources, from natural disasters to unreliable plumbing. Regardless of the source, let the experienced Superclean team take care of it for you.

Let Superclean clean up the damp mess

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