High quality hygiene services and equipment for your peace of mind.

It has been said THAT NO AREA

of your premises has more impact on customers than the personal washroom and ablution facilities.



The condition of washroom and lavatory areas can alter your client’s perceptions of your organisation and we believe that it is our job to ensure you have top of the range equipment to ensure maximum health and cleanliness for you, your staff and your clients through our professional hygiene services

Good hygiene practices are essential in preventing the spread of disease and promoting a healthy environment for staff and visitors.

Superclean’s range of hygiene equipment is readily available on a rental or outright purchase basis. All of our equipment installed as a rental is installed free of charge and is serviced regularly by our very own hygiene teams.

Here are a few of our hygiene products

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Soap dispensers
for hand hygiene. Available
in liquid and foam.

Hand sanitizers
help to prevent cross
contamination. One application
of gel equals 4-hours protection
against harmful germs.

Safe seat dispensers
protection from harmful
bacteria found on toilet seats.

Femcare or sanitary bins
for all of your feminine hygiene
needs - serviced frequently
according to your needs.

Sanitiser dispensers
with a continuous dispensing
function provide hygiene in all
toilets and urinals.

Air freshener dispensers
provide a fresh fragrance
at all times.

Warm air dryers
with a range to suit
your needs.

Paper towel dispensers
with your choice of manual or
automatic feed options.

Toilet paper dispensers
in a full range of dispenser and
paper refill options.

Baby care stations
provide nappy changing facilities.

Dust control and grease
trap mats
in a wide range of standard and
custom sizes.

Deep cleaning service
with odour prevention included for those hard to reach, neglected places found in urinals, shower drains, toilet pans and rims; kitchen drains and hand basins.

We provide hygiene products for a wide range of facilities including offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, retail, commercial, industrial premises, factories, schools, hotels and public buildings.

Whether you’re looking for hygiene services or hygiene products, contact us to ensure a pleasant atmosphere for all patrons.

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