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Are you looking for a contract cleaning company? 

We pride ourselves in our ability to bring you comprehensive contract cleaning services for your business … no matter the size!



If you’re looking for a contract cleaning company in Durban,

we can offer you a full range of professional contract cleaning services at any difficulty level that includes specialized cleaning; hygiene and health equipment; as well as labour outsourcing should the need arise – at a competitive contract rate that will fit your budget.

In a nutshell:

You will have immaculately cleaned and well maintained facilities at all times. We use only the best hygiene and healthcare equipment to ensure a consistently pleasant experience for you, your employees and your clients. Your cleaning staff will be professionally trained and experienced, to handle all cleaning needs that may arise.

Why are we the most successful privately-owned cleaning company in South Africa?

We’re passionate about what we do, providing you with quality contract cleaning services to ensure that you are proud of us to!

How we can help you…

At Superclean, we believe first impressions last. Well-kept premises lend to the experience of your customers. Each client is unique we provide a specialized and resourceful service that is specifically tailored to respond to your individual needs, as our client is key.

Good quality hygiene and health equipment ensure uncontaminated and healthy settings at all times.

Access to trained and professional cleaning staff makes your experience with us that much more enjoyable and we guarantee our ability to clean your premises to the highest standards possible.

Our day-to-day contract cleaning services include offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, retail, commercial premises, industrial premises, factories, schools, hotels and public buildings.

“Well-maintained premises are not just good for your customer, they’re good for you and your employees too.”

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