Nkosi Ntuli is a Houseman working at the Hilton Durban Hotel for SuperClean.

He has run 4 comrades and has received 4 silver medals (for coming in before 7 hours 30 minutes): 2013 Results

Gun Time:05:30:04Overall Pos: 164
Finish Time: 07:11:21Gender Pos: 156
Net Time:07:11:21Category Pos: 19

164th overall runner in 156th male runner in 19th runner in his age group 2012 Results

Gun Time:05:30:06Overall Pos: 95
Finish Time: 06:31:53Gender Pos: 92
Net Time:06:31:53Category Pos: 15



95th overall runner in 92nd male runner in 15th runner in his age group 2009 Results

Gun Time:05:30:14Overall Pos: 113
Finish Time: 06:41:15Gender Pos: 109
Net Time:06:41:15Category Pos: 24

113th overall runner in 109th male runner in 24th runner in his age group 2007 Results

Gun Time:05:30:08Overall Pos: 422
Finish Time: 07:20:07Gender Pos: 409
Net Time:07:20:07Category Pos: 96

422nd overall runner in 409th male runner in 96th runner in his age group   In order to qualify to run the comrades marathon, you need to complete in mini marathons in cut of times. Some of these mini marathons are held in cities as far as Cape Town. Nkosi would take a train/bus and commute for days to be able to compete in these races.   When he was placed in the top 100 runners last year, Hilton Durban took a keen interest in his running career. With the personal help of the hotel GMs secretary, Julie Nolan, she was able to help sponsor all his qualifying runs leading up to Comrades.   He was flown to Cape Town in March to run the Two Oceans 42km marathon. He stayed at the Hilton Cape Town hotel and had transfers from the airport and back as well as pick up and drop off on race day. He was looked after by Tersia Naude who was my previous assistant who also worked for Superclean but is now the Executive Housekeeper for Hilton in Cape Town.   The Cape Town executive chef had his meals specially prepared for him to ensure he was ready for his race.   This was the first time Nkosi flew in an aeroplane and he was so excited. He said he felt an enormous amount of pressure to perform well because of all the support and this was seen in his results.   He was placed 52nd overall and for his gender and he was the 45th male in his age group to finish. He beat his previous time in 2011 by 25 minutes.   When he ran on Sunday, Wendy waited for him on the side of the road at Hillcrest and he was so over the moon to see some support on the road. He spotted her nearly 500m from where she was and started dancing in the road as he ran closer to me.   When he returned to work yesterday, Wendy organised a celebration for him in the housekeeping department as well as the team member canteen.   She arranged banners, balloons and donuts for all team members in the hotel to celebrate his amazing achievement.  He was thrilled and couldn’t believe how much support he had. He has become a bit of a hero in the hotel. Nkosi-2 Nkosi-3 From everyone at Superclean, we would like to congratulate Nkosi for all his hard work and winnings, we are proud to have him in the Superclean family!


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