Commercial floors come in a number of different materials and treatments, depending on the work environment, amount of foot traffic, and various design choices. What do they all have in common? They need to be properly treated, cleaned, and maintained to ensure their longevity and the safety of those that walk across them every day.


The type of flooring found in a commercial space is most likely to be related to the kind of work environment the flooring is in. For example, hospitals require surfaces that are easy to clean but not slippery while a high-end restaurant might go for plush carpets to create an intimate feel and reduce noise pollution.

At Superclean, we’re experts in cleaning and maintaining any type of commercial floor. So, here are some of our tips for cleaning certain kinds of commercial flooring. Proper cleaning is important to ensure that the flooring lasts as long as possible and is safe and hygienic while being as clean as possible:

  1. Concrete or epoxy: While there is a chance this type of flooring can make a room appear colder and more clinical than one that uses a carpet, concrete is a relatively easy product to keep clean. Durable and useful for creating an industrial look, this type of flooring is a popular choice for commercial spaces with high foot traffic.

HOW TO CLEAN: Regularly use the proper sealant and wax to keep the floor in tip-top condition. Before cleaning, be sure to sweep the floor thoroughly and to dry it after cleaning to avoid any nasty slips.

  1. Ceramic tile: Tiles are ideal for a commercial space (though non-slip ones might be even better). Strong, durable, and tough on stains, they come in many colours and designs.

HOW TO CLEAN: Sweep, then wash the tiles with a tile cleaner and clean mop. Wipe dry and, if possible, polish to a good shine.

  1. cleaning carpetsCarpeted floors: Carpeting creates warmth and helps to retain heat (which can be useful in offices situated in colder climes) but it requires a high level of upkeep and care.

HOW TO CLEAN: Treat spills and stains immediately, using the correct cleaning products, and vacuum the carpet on regular basis. At least once a year, invest in a deep clean (from floor to ceiling, if possible) to ensure cleanliness and freshness.

  1. Vinyl: Strong, durable and low-maintenance, vinyl is important in creating a safe work environment. It might not be as attractive as other flooring types but it is cost-effective, easy on the feet, and heat and water resistant.

HOW TO CLEAN: Regularly sweep the floor with a soft brush, wipe up stains immediately, and use mild cleaning products. If necessary, wipe the floor with a clean mop and warm water but be sure to dry it afterwards.

  1. Hardwood: Coming in a variety of species, wood is most often suited to a low traffic area as it is not as durable as tile or concrete. However, it does come in different levels of strength and create warmth and comfort. It can also be refinished at a later stage for a different look and feel.

HOW TO CLEAN: Sweep or vacuum, then use a good quality wood floor cleaner and wax to help the flooring retain its shine. Be sure to immediately clean up any spills with a damp mop and use a clean towel to dry the area.

Whatever your commercial flooring is made of, it needs to be properly treated and maintained over time. Need help? Contact Superclean today – we can handle the cleaning of any commercial space, no matter the size, at any difficultly level.


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