As sponsors of the Rovers Rugby Club in Durban, we are passionate sports supporters and we understand that you love going to your local stadium – whether it’s for a big sports match, a concert, or fun event. Have you thought about how much energy and effort goes into keeping that huge area clean and tidy?

Dirty stadium

Due to the large number of people, the different fast food snacks, and frequent use of the bathroom facilities, stadiums can harbour many germs and dirt. As a visitor to the stadium, you might think there’s not much you can do to help keep the stadium clean and hygienic but that’s not true.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. When you leave your seat, leave it clean. Pick up any litter, including empty food wrappers and plastic cups, and find the nearest dustbin and use it. Or take it home with you and dispose of it there, either in the trash or as recycling. Don’t leave litter lying around for someone else to deal with.
  1. Pick up other people’s litter. This isn’t particularly pleasant but if the person who was sitting next to you has left litter behind, pick it up and dispose of it. For hygiene purposes, carry a pair of rubber gloves and a plastic packet with you so you don’t have to touch someone else’s discarded litter.
  1. If you sprinkle… you know the drill. Stadium bathrooms can be grim and not every visitor is careful to leave these spaces in an acceptable state. Make sure to clean up after yourself, flush, wash your hands, and ensure your paper towels end up in the dustbin, not around it. Leave the bathroom in the state you would wish to find it in.
  1. Take a leaf out of the Japanese way of life – Japanese fans tidy up after a big match without being asked. They’ve been doing it their whole lives, as part of their culture, so it is just what they do. Simple. Teach your children how to treat a public space like a stadium (and the staff who clean it) with respect. Passing on good habits will ensure that more people behave as they should, for generations to come.
Cleaner cleaning a stadium

Responsible for cleaning the stadium?

If you’re in charge of the clean-up crew at a stadium, here are a few key pointers to ensure your stadium is kept as clean and hygienic as possible:

  1. After each event, all litter and debris must be picked up and disposed of correctly. Use leaf blowers and brooms to collect litter of all shapes and sizes.
  1. Make sure your staff give their designated area a thorough cleaning, from top to bottom, using brooms and extendable mops to reach difficult corners.
  1. Power wash all seats, walkways, and communal areas and rinse and dry all areas before allowing them to be used.
  1. Conduct a regular inspection and cleaning of all exposed roof beams to avoid them being damaged by excess dust and bird debris. This will also prevent these elements from falling onto visitors sitting below the beams.
  1. Clean the bathrooms before and after every stadium event, and deep clean them regularly. Spray down and disinfect all surfaces, sweep and mop the floors, clean all windows and mirrors, and replenish all necessary products such as hand wash and paper towels.
  1. Don’t forget to supply your staff with all the necessary clothing, protective gear (such as disposal gloves), cleaning equipment, and cleaning products they will need to do a great job.

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