The way in which we work means we spend a large part of our time in the office, sitting still in front of a computer. Many people find it a challenge to leave that space, to step outside and breathe fresh air or enjoy a natural space. And yet, studies show that having some time outside every day can help you feel healthier, happier, and calmer. It can even increase your brain activity and productivity.


How to get outdoor time if you can’t leave the office? The answer could be a corporate garden. A great addition to any company’s wellness programme, a garden has a number of advantages for employees. Here are our top three:

  1. A communal project: A garden gives employees a chance to interact with each other and nature in a relaxed and beautiful space. This encourages a pleasant work environment. If working in or on the garden is encouraged, it can also give employees a shared sense of ownership and commitment to a long-term project that is not directly work-related.
  2. A form of exercise: Walking around or working in a garden allows employees a chance to exercise, even if it is in a low-key way. Any exercise is better than no exercise – the benefit being healthier employees and therefore less productivity down-time for the company.
  3. A chance to breathe: Studies show that even a few minute outdoors can have significant physical and mental health benefits. Stepping outside into a green space to breathe fresh air can improve mental agility and encourage a positive attitude. Also, sometimes all you need to do to de-fuse a tense situation or reverse a bad day is step away from your desk, go outside, and breathe.

Whichever way you look at it, inserting some green into your office space can only be good for the people who work in it.



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