7 Tips for keeping your home clean this Christmas

Having the kids home for two months over December and January school holidays doesn’t necessarily feel like a holiday for mom and dad. You may be on leave and the children may be on school holidays but usually so is your home cleaning staff! Your holiday may also involve plenty of entertaining which equals mess and dishes!

So naturally…your holiday comprises of cleaning up after children, pets and guests – this is no fun!

Cleaning during ChristmasOne solution to this problem would be to hire a specialised cleaning team from Superclean as we work throughout the holiday season, but if that is not a viable option for you then we have put together some tips to help make cleaning quick and painfree!

  1. The most important thing on the list is to ask for help. Where possible delegate tasks to your children or partner to help you save time. It’s all about team work so that you can all enjoy your well-deserved break. Kids can spend 10-15 minutes at the end of the day tidying up arts and crafts or toys they have played with and if they are old enough, assign them chores such as sweeping, washing the dishes or feeding the animals.
  2. It is key to prioritize rooms during the holidays. Don’t try to do any major spring cleans, clean outs or deep cleans when your house is full – rather save this for the New Year. Generally speaking, the kitchen, bathrooms, entrance hall, dining room and living room will be the most used areas of the house, so focus on cleaning these areas, especially if you are expecting guests over the holidays.
  3. Stay on top of general cleaning – these are the unavoidable chores;
  • Vacuum or sweep floors in communal areas and the kitchen.
  • Empty rubbish and recycling bins.
  • Clean the toilets and basins.
  • Do the washing, you really don’t want to be getting ready for your Christmas function only to discover that your favourite little black dress is in the washing basket.

Top tip: Try doing a cool wash and hanging the washing straight away to avoid hours of ironing

  • Wash the dishes and while you’re at it, dig out the special dishes/crockery/glasses and give them a clean before Christmas day to avoid a rush.
  1. The week before Christmas you may want to dedicate some time to cleaning your fridge. Remove any out-of-date food to make room for all the wine and extra groceries you’ll be adding.

Top tip: Clean glasses with vinegar to get them shining and don’t worry, the smell disappears when they dry.

  1. It’s normally the last thing you feel like doing after a big meal and celebration, but remember to cover food and put it away in the fridge before you go to bed to avoid wastage. This will save you time too, as you will be able to eat left-overs with the family on Boxing Day!
  2. Remember to have your special outfit dry cleaned before storing it away for the next occasion.
  3. When you take down your decorations and Christmas lights, clean them before storing them for the next year.

Top tip: Consider using paper plates and napkins for your big occasions this holiday, it may not look as good but it sure helps to save time on washing up and also saves water during this crucial time too!

Contact Superclean for any of your cleaning requirements today, we work throughout the holidays!


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